Challenging interim maintenance order

The lower court has ordered an interim maintenance of Rs.20000 per month in my 125 case. This was done in my absence, where in I had submitted my latest IT returns of last 2 years i.e. 2014 -15 and 2013-14,while my wife had submitted my IT returns of previous years - i.e. 2011-12 & 2010-11 My annual income in last years has been around 2 lakhs, as I am not employed any where currently & manage private consultancy. I used earn handsomely in previous years though. My wife is highly qualified (M.Phil, B.Ed) while I am simple graduate. She is not working anywhere as she claims that I have taken her certificates. In my cross examination, her lawyer has been stressing on 'properties' that our family owns & my so called lifestyle (presenting photographs of mine - which are old & when I was employed & travelling on company expenses). Though I have filed a revision appeal in session court, but till now case has not progressed & now has been put in lok adalat for mutual agreement. I am already paying a monthly maintenance of Rs. 5500 in DV case, which has been ordered on mutual consent few years back. Request the experts to give your suggestion & guidance