Advice for fraud and cheating

Dear Sir, My name is B S Chakravarthi. I am a small employ in PSU. I lives near to Hyderabad. Sometimes I do trading. One month before one person by name Rahul from Real Stock Analysis, Mumbai contacted me via phone and discussed about trading. He said, he will do trading for me and will earn profits on profit sharing basis of 30:70. He also said with One Lack investment he promised minimum 60,000/- profit after reducing his share. He talked to me very promisingly and convinced me to make the deal. I believed him and gave my Demat account details with one lack rupees funds. After 12 days my account is in a loss of around 50,000/-. I called him then he said there is a strong call and anyhow he will recover my amount. Now my account has zero funds and all the amount is lost. I tried calling him he didnot responded, I also called his office but nobody responded. After one week he talked to me and asking more funds, so they will recover my losses. I asked them to give me my amount back but they are not responding. I am planning to file a Fraud and Cheating case against him. I have some proofs like mobile call data, call recordings and whatsapp chat history. Where I should file a complaint, in my place or his place Mumbai ? or is there any other way like sending legal notice ? Please help me...... Thanking you,