Parking Problem

I bought my apartment in Gurgaon in June of 2012. We were supposed to be allotted 2 car parking’s under our Block by the builder. But at the time of handover builder refused to give us parking under our block. The parking he gave us is 400m-500m away from basement life of our block. The apartment complex is divided into two parts by a two-way sector road. Each part is called North block and South Block respectively. At the time of possession in October 2015, I was shocked to learn that the parking given to me was in North block while my apartment was in South block. So the parking given to me was on the other side of sector road ad was almost 400meters-500meters away from the basement lift of my block. Furthermost to my surprise, I was the only resident in J block that was not given parking under J block. We have requested the builder so many times to give us parking under our block, but he refuses and says he cannot help us. Please tell us what should we do, should we file a case against the builder. we have already taken the possession and the registry has already been done by HUDA.