House Owner cheating to return Security Deposit

Dear Respected Sirs/Madams, I am staying in Bangalore. I have taken ground floor 1BHK house for Rent of Rs. 7200PM and given advance amount of Rs.35000/-. I joined in the house on 12 Jun 2015. After we joined in the house we faced Drainage problem in bath room and toilet, We called owner and informed regarding this she told that I will send a plumber you have to bear the expenses. We have paid drainage cleaning charges of Rs.2500/- ( 3 Times from date of joining). It is a share for 2 houses in Ground floor ( 1250 Each house). We want to vacate the house due to the drainage problem. We informed to the house owner on 28 Feb 2016 we want to vacate the house on 30th Apr 2016 after giving 2 months notice period as per rental agreement. She told that you joined on 12th Jun 2016 you have to vacate the house on 13th May 2016 only. We said as per agreement we can vacate the house by giving 2 months time. She did not accept for that, After a week she called and said that somebody booked the house and She asked us to vacate the house on 1st Apr 2016 and told us to pay the balance rent. I told her that still I have not fixed any house I will search new house and inform you. I searched and fixed new house within 2 days after searching hardly. I informed to house owner I can vacate the house on 3rd Apr 2016 and again she called and asked us to continue till 30th Apr. Again she called and said that we have to attend a marriage so you vacate the house before 15th Apr. I said we will vacate the house on 3rd Apr 2016 and Again she called and said that vacate the house on 25th March I will pay you the balance amount. Finally she called on 21st March and said that someone booked the house for 4th April you should vacate on 3rd apr for that I said sure we will vacate on 3rd apr. She called on 23rd March and said that they cancelled the house you should continue upto 13th Apr 2016. If you vacate on 3rd also I will charge rent upto 13th Apr because you joined on 12th. Now I want to vacate the house on 3rd Apr 2016 other wise I have to pay rent at both the places. Kindly suggest how can I proceed further to recover 10 days rent and get out of the problem. Kindly suggest urgently