Land Share

I Mukesh Agarwal S/o Vijay Kumar Agarwal writing to know the information for our Business Mesers Kumar Rice Mill which is in AN Road Jamhore, Aurangabad – 824121. In 1999 BSFC sold this Kumar Rice Mill and Land in Nilami and Vijay Agarwal & Ratan Agarwal paid the Nilami amount which was come out while doing business in Rice Mill and paid in Installment and after that BSFC issued NOC by the name of Ratan Kumar Agarwal, now my father Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal want share but Ratan Agarwal is not ready to give share. I also want to inform you that only Ratan Agarwal is taking care of all the paper work after 1999 to till date because Vijay Agarwal is Illiterate not able to read and write English. Before Nilami Mesers Kumar Rice Mill was in Lease handled by Late Puranmal Agarwal Father of Vijay Kumar Agarwal. Puranmal Agarwal died before 1999 and after that Puranmal Agarwal & Vijay Agarwal is taking care of Mesers Kumar Rice Mill, Jamhore. Vijay Kumar Agarwal also paid the first Installment to BSFC Gaya. Vijay Agarwal having bank account in Magadh Gramin Bank, Jamhore and he gave check to Magadh Gramin Staff then Magadh Gramin staff deposited check to PNB Bank Daud Nagar and received the Draft by the name of BSFC, Gaya in 1999 but we do not have any proof. How its possible that my father Vijay Agarwal get 50% share with his Brother and Brother is not real - 1) Late Narsu Lal Agarwal Father of Ratan Agarwal 2) Late Puranmal Agarwal Father of Vijay Agarwal Narsu Lal and Puranmal both was real brother