Regarding avoiding divorce

Good morning sir, My self Sagar from Maharashtra currently staying in Karnataka for pursuing PhD . I had married on May 2015 , my wife went to her home after 2nd month of marriage(July 2015) to meet her parents that time she was pregnant, after going there she said Dr. has said don't travel, so she had not come back . I went in September to meet her up to that time every thing was alright. Later she stopped communication with me . I tried several times to contact her but her family members not allowed me to contact. In January 2016 we blessed with baby girl. After delivery my parent and me went to meet so again they denied to meet her. Now her grandmother is telling we are going to court we will do all thing legally. So what can I do Sir , my family and me are suffering from lots of tension , even my father he is retired (age 68) already had 2 major heart attacks, and mother is also having blood pressure problem. some important points: A) We had not taken any single rupee in marriage , even utensils also not taken. B) I don't have permanent job , I am getting 28000 fellowship which is valid up to 2018 . C) I don't have any properties. D) I never had any fight with her. F) I don't want divorce but their family is looking for divorce and maintenance charge. G) Most important my parents not staying with me. F) I am worried about IPC 498A, whether it will spoil my life and career? H) If she asked for divorce then how much money I have to give her monthly ? but I dont have job I) From last 9 months she is staying with her parent J) From last month she is saying I had mentally tortured, but from last 6 months we don't have any communication.