How to avoid stay

I(she) have younger sister and elder brother. My father purchased a plot and constructed a house in his own earnings without any debts when we are small child. My brother has given no money for that house. Elder brother died before my father. My father has no intention of giving/sharing the house to my brother's only daughter after my brother's death. Brother's wife gone separately with their parents and daughter after brother's death. Before my fathers death, he has registered his house to me and my younger sister in the registered office. My father didn't give/write any share or property to my brother or brother's family and he conveyed the same intention to brother's family. We have the plot sub-divided and have got plan approval from corporation for constructing the house. I have started constructing the house in my subdivided space for the past 4 months. Now my brothers daughter is claiming her share of this property. How to prevent the stay order if they are going to get stay while construction is in progress. Is there any legal procedure to get rid of stay order and continue our construction without interruption as my father transferred and registered all documents to me and my sister. Do they have any rights to claim the share when my father has not given/written any share or property to brother's daughter.