Do family members of my husband can claim for money in property

Hello sir, My name is Shaik Summaya from Vijayawada AP. My husband holds a petty cash business. He had a house with a area of 30 sq yards. I got married in 2007 and had 3 childrens (2 daug, a son). Before marriage my husband told my father that he has property on his name which secures ur daughter's life. Soon after the marriage he became irresponsible and addictive. Am staying at my mother's from 8 yrs with my husband. In my husband's own house my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are staying without paying any rent from 9 yrs. They are telling that my husband taken debt from them for construction of house. I dont know about these debts before marriage. There is no such legal document sir. There is a loan on that house of 605000. The Banker told to clear debt in a week otherwise they put it for auction. Now, the property is on sale by my mother. All his siblings asking about their debt in this property. They are ignoring to vacate the house. I want justice for my children. I want fixed deposit it on children name for their higher studies. Am feeling helpless. Plz adive me on this query.