TDS on Purchase of property

Hello Experts, I have a situation where I have to pay TDS and fine now, on purchase of a property. I seek advice on the same. Please advice/help. I am a resident of Kolkata and purchased a property in Kolkata. Details of property - 2 storied standalone building Land type: Bastu/Residential Seller type: Single seller Purchaser: Jointly purchased by myself(Age: 33 yrs) and my mother(Senior citizen) Purchase price: 65 lacs (In cash by Bank transfer) Date of purchase: March,2015 First property for myself. Type of deed : Sale deed Now, during time of purchase I was not advised by anyone(not even my lawyer) that I have to pay a TDS @ 1 % on the property price. Last week, I have received an email from "[deleted]" stating that I am a defaulter and need to pay the amount asap! As from the email I understand that I have to pay a penalty @ Rs 200 per day (which amounts to 365 X 200 = RS 73000, subjected to a maximum of Rs 65000) and also an interest of 18% on Rs 65000 = Rs 11700). So in total now, I have to pay Rs 65000 + Rs 65000 + Rs 11700 = Rs 141700. Ideally, I should have recovered the TDS amount (Rs 650000) from the seller during the time of purchase but since, I have not done that during that time I am unable to reach the seller now and I now have this huge burden of money to be paid all by myself!!! So, I seek some advice from the experts in the forum as below - 1. Who should have informed/advised me that I have to pay this TDS? Should I be solely held responsible for this? As a normal citizen, it is almost impossible to know these type changes in law (As I heard that this law came to act only from June,2013). 2. Can I request government of India to consider my case and request for some waivers? (May be the penalty and interest at-least.) 3. Any other advise relevant to the topic on waivers/considerations. Thanks Subhankar