Can I take my belongings and articles after separation?

Hi Sir, I am Ratika, putting up in Delhi. I am leaving separately from my husband since 9 months because he used to drink daily and became violent but his family members blamed me for his misbehaviour with all family memebers that's why they separated us from joint family due to his drinking habits and misbehaviour. After that his drinking habits increased to such an extent that he started taking alcohol in daytime also and also tortured me mentally. Even his parents didn't support me and I left the house with my 4 years daughter. But my belongings and articles are still there. I was living with my sister then also he tried to threaten me and started sending me threatened messages. Then I filed complaint in women commission and also submitted the copy of this complaint in local police station. After that, he stopped threatening me.After some time, I asked him for mutual divorce but they refused and I also asked to take my articles from there but they didn't reply. So I filed DV case from haryana because I am from haryana. I don't want to waste my so many years in this case so my lawyer has suggested not to think about getting back your belongings. He has suggested that three summons will be sent and after that it will be published in paper if they don't respond and I'll get divorce in 6 months but I will have to lose hope for getting back my belongings. Even I dont want the long-term case. hearings and hearings and I will have to go haryana again and again. I want to ask you in this process, can I take police help or judge permission to take back my belongings. My first hearing is on 26th April. I hope they have received summon but they have not reacted yet means not called me up regarding the case?