Sir i am shivam dogra . i have qualified a written test of BSF JE SI 2015 in the month of september..after qualifying test the PET is held in delhi chawla camp where they give me relaxation in height as i belong to himachal pradesh and also to dogra community. as in all para military forces they give relaxation in term of height to these students.AT pet time senior bsf officals allows me and give me relaxtion in height after i submitted a form sign by the tehseldar as they ask...but after some days i got a call from somebody (i knew that person),,he told me that the relaxation that he give at that time is cancelled and my candidature is cancelled now...when i told him that its mentioned clearly online on bsf site that this relaxtion in height is given to us ...he dissconnect the phone..... i filled a rti but its more than 4 months and i got one letter that shows just forward message they have no other reason to discard my candidature because i have got good marks in 2 written test and in pet. i dont know what to do please suggest any way or help me