Disciplinary Action even though strike was not Illegal

Dear Sir, Iam a Bank Employee, Four Months ago there was a strike called by My Freinds Banks association wherein they had served 15 day prior notice and the concilation meeting before strike was failed twice.Now the Bank had went to high court and got a stay on strike against each employee fundamental and constitutional right.While association was challenging in court, the strike went as usual.The court subsequent vacated the stay nut after the strike and allowed Bank employees to go on strike subject certain rules and regulations which was followed by Association of Bank,But after strike the management categorily pulled some staff who were on strike ,and took disciplinary action since they had not obyed High Court order during the strike.The Staff(my freind) pleaded with HR that since Management had not given any time to them on strike day for appeal or applying for stay on strike day they were made selected victim ,and management took grudge on earlier issues and took disciplinary action.My query as notice was not communicated on or before strike day to association leaders about stay on high court order, whether management can take disciplnary action against staff.Since subsequently after strike association was sucessful to get stay vacated,whether still employee is liable for disciplinary action?