Mentally harassed by neighbour

Hi I’m a 34 year old SINGLE WOMEN living with my parents belongs to a middle class family , I am living in a colony which have about 20 to 30 houses. We are living here from past 45 years I’m born an raised in the same place . From past few months , my neighbor who are Mr Richie rich types lives next door are disturbing me highly... the MALE member of the family . They are talking rubbish about me ,constantly stalking at my house, talking non sense behind my back...first I try to ignore them, but after that they are more encouraging.... one fine day (on 26/03/2016)over some issue they had a conversation with my dad in-between the conversation this duo of father and son started talking rubbish about me they asked my dad” that you should settle down your daughter its high time you don’t know what happens behind your back there is a guy coming to your house when you are not at home he is carrying a condom in his hand u don’t know what they do” .. you should make your daughter marry this guy all the society people are saying that so this is what they said to my dad ... now let me tell you the fact i live in a very small house i don’t even have my own room when a guest comes to my house they can only sit at my living room there is no other room at my house secondly my dad is a retired person he is at home 24/7 and the guy they are talking about is a friend of mine and he is known to my family we know each other from past 5 years and we are very good friends my family is fully aware about it... I’m never alone at my home from Monday to Friday I’m at my office working S .....after listening to all this i was very angry completely broken and hurt…. I was fuming like anything without wasting any time i called up the guy and asked him what is his problem who has given him and his father right to talk all this rubbish about a me…. how can you talk all this non sense about someone?? who has given you the right to speak about my personal life ?? i asked for an apology but the answers i got from the guy side was SHOCKING……..!! he said i have all the right to spy on my neighbors… who is that guy coming to your home ...i don’t own u any apology…… after listening all this i lost all my control and told him i will call the police on this the guy said i don’t care call the police after having this telephonic conversation i was very very angry, upset and badly hurt…….. but the good thing I did was I have recorded the conversation.… still i didn’t called up the police around 8 pm this duo of son and father came to my house i again asked them for apology they still didn’t wanted to and they denied that they have said anything wrong and they are not ashamed of their act ….things got worse they pushed me aside and got out of my house …. at last i lost all my patients and called up the police.. they showed up within the five mins of my call first the PCR came then a constable came from police station the guy who came from the police station knows the father and son well I have seen him(the police constable) at their house couple of times… i narrated him the whole story and also make him to listen to the conversation i had with them …… i wanted to drag them to the court for mentally torturing me , stalking at me ,insulting me and spreading rumors about me…..but the police man said me that you should compromise you people are here from quite a long time they ( father and son) are sorry about their behavior and will give apology to you in written he said you should compromise and forgive them he is of your father age ....there is no point getting into fight with your neighbors ... my mother also said that you should keep your heart big and forgive this father and son duo and give them one chance…... i was complete blank by now and my wisdom was not working inside of my mind I was thinking” IS IT A CRIME TO BE BORN AS A GIRL IN INDIA “ I THOUGHT WHY EVERYONE TAKING THIS MATTER SO LIGHTLY is “having a male friend a crime” …why Indian man have such polluted minds…I was thinking if I drag this people to court will I get any justice …we are not as rich as they are….. they are influential people they might be having lot of contacts which I don’t have…. my voice will be left unheard and in the end me an my family will get into lot of troubles mentally and financially…. this thought TRAUMATIZED and paralyzed my wisdom in that very moment …. I was numb by now and I listened to my mom i accepted the apology from the people who mentally tortured me......i got an written apology from those people ….... after the police man was gone I tried to be normal and forget about the incident i went to the bed to get some rest…..after a while I was not able to sleep at all …… things stared hunting me i felt so unsafe I felt like I been stalked by a “perverted silly man” …. i didn’t wanted to share it with my family as they will get disturbed too but inside I was completely broken I’m not able to LET IT GO …..any ways the night passed next day I saw these guys again …once Again he has started his cheap annoying behavior he was parking his car in front of my house and peeping into my house ....i felt so helpless low and scared ..... This feeling is getting worse day by day ....i really need a counselling HELP from someone who has a better wisdom then the people around me ...Due to this I am in getting into depression , what should I do. please HELP ME !!