Self made property gifted by my father.

We are one brother and one sister. My father had bought one plot on my brother's name which he sold two years back . He also gifted him one plot and promised me a flat in which they were living alone( my brother was staying separate due to personal difference between my mother and and her daughter-in-law.) at that time although legally he gifted me a flat in 2015 January . My brother moved in that flat when he came to know about it ,without informing me ,it was only during my visit I saw all my thing laying in balcony. I am staying in same area on rent after my husband's retirement I got all my things. To my surprise I got to know that my Mother has turned on my brother's side and started saying all unpleasant things to me and my brother's wife joined her it was a treble experience for me my father was quit all the time later he came down to see me off and assured me that he will stand by his decision .My father expired in Jan 2016. Pl advice me what can I do to clam this property as they ( my brother is not moving out ) do I wait till my mother is alive.I have not been in much touch with my brother since he left house.