Declaration suit got dismissed why?

Hi i am ramesh , i bought land from one of my cousin before he got terminated from the government services for running chit fund business and not paying the chit amount for chit members in time.the land i bought in hayath nagar, one of the chit member taken attachment from court by providing wrong e.c as the land is in the name of my cousin prakash.before one year only i got registered.we dont have knowledge of what was happening in the court , in auction another member bought land .,and after one year when he was trying to sell the land we came to know and filed a declaration suit by providing all the documents link documents we bought the land from prakash and how can a court sell my land .immediately i got injection order and stay was given for register till case will be closed. i dont know why my case got dismissed for the reason i had appiointed the lawyer who got appointed bycousin for his case past (service case as he got terminated) saying that we both are collide together and saying that prakash has wantedly trasfered his property to me do you think is that is the correct judgement, i asked for declaration suit ,why court has auctioned my land first,with out knowing that the land is not prakash'S. what step has to be taken by me.can i go for appel for high court .