Transfer Fee for purchase of Resale flat from Apartment

Good evening, I had purchased a flat in Pune in 2014. The building registration is under an Apartment deed. There is no society formed in the apartment, though the old members claim that they are planning to form one. Last year they asked me to pay Rupees 3000 for Society formation fees, which I paid after 1 month. I have a receipt voucher from them with the stamp of the Building name and address. But till date there has been no development on the formation of the society. Later about after 8 months the old members (who handle the financial transactions) told me that they are utilizing that money for painting the building. Later after some months they say that they have used that Amount as 'Transfer Fee' since I had purchased a flat in that Apartment. Now I am having a dispute with them and hence have not paid the maintenance until I get the clarification of the Amount that I had paid. Please let me know if an unregistered society can ask for any transfer fee? Is it ethical for them to use the amount for any expense that they wish? Am i supposed to pay for transfer fees, though I was not intimated at the time of Purchase? Until the society is formed, can I ask them to adjust the paid amount against the outstanding maintenance? Is it necessary that I should pay the society formation charges in advance? regards Rohan Mestry email : [deleted]