Society Membership

Property purchased through Auction from Collector Office.( Auction direction from special Court of MPID act). As per Supreme Court Order Auction was conducted . where terms of Auction were mentioned as below. Maintenance charges ie. property tax, corporation tax , water tax, electricity charges, telephone bill etc during the period of attachment till the date of giving possession to buyer to be paid by Competant Authority from the consideration amount received from the said property. 1)Competant authority has paid Maintenance charges ,But not paying Arrears Interest for the attachment period 2)Competant authority is also not ready to pay Stamp duty charges paid by society for receiving Convince during the period of attachment. 3)After taking the possession of the flat I am paying the current Society Bill. 4) I have applied for membership ,Society denies to admit me as member of society unless ALL the dues for the period of attachment is being paid. How can I become member of Society ? Can Deem membership be taken ? Please give Guidence. Regards, Ashish