Fair rent

Sir, We are renting in a commercial property for more than 25 years. Our current landlord(he bought the building in 2009) filed eviction and fair rent case (RCOP) on 2010 and got the judgement in his favour. Both the RCA from our side has been dismissed and the fair rent is fixed to Rs.30,000 per month but till now we are paying the contractual rent Rs.12000 as the Civil Revision Petition (Fair rent & eviction) from our side is in pending stage in High court. Now the landlord is going to sell the property within THIS YEAR. I heard that an advance amount has been paid by a buyer with some conditions, but don't know the exact details. I just want to know the following, i.e. If the current owner (person X)sell in property in this year 2016 while the CRP is in pending stage and then the upcoming owner (person Y) continue the case from there and got a favourable judgement in 2017 and the rent is fixed as Rs.25000 then will I have to pay a sum of amount (nearly 9 lakh as the RCOP was filed on 2010) to the person X even-though he is not the owner at that time i.e. in 2017. I am asking this because 9 lakh is a big amount and this person X fixed this rent by false arguments and he is a troublant person from the day one. Is there any way to stop this happening? Experts Please clarify by doubts.