My Wife Threatening Me If

My Name is Sunny, My wife went back to India on July 11 2015 with my son who is 3 years old and stayed there with her mother and brother. She is with dependent visa(H4) and she left our son in india and came back to USA in Febrauary and called for a meeting and said I need to provide her extension as her extension is getting expired on March 20 2016 otherwise she threatened me that she will go to Human Rights. I agreed that I will provide her extension and will try for counselling classes to make it a last try. I added back her to health insurance and I am providing $1000 every month and she is satying in Houston and I am staying in Brenham alone and my parents are living in india. Her extension got rejected and my employer applied one more time, Technically she is out of status and my employer attorney said its ok for her to stay in USA But If i am really concerned ask her to step out of the country and come back by attending VISA. She said no for that as it is risk for her and she called my emplyer attorney directly which is a policy that employee/employee spouses shouldn't communicate with the attorney directly and she kept on arguing that she has a right and I questioned her that I have a right to follow my employer policy and she said to tell to my employer that my wife called them without knowledge and i said sahe is not taking any reponsibility and she is doing the things just like that even I am helping her after threatening that she will go to human rights and I decided this wont work and I asked her for the divorce. She said once she gets a job and she gets H1B visa shes is ready to file for divorce and I asked to get my son and I will take care of him until she settles. She said NO. I am worried nobody knows when she will get the job and clearly she is trying to use me for her benefits and I have no trust on her. I am thinking to meet with attorney here in USA tomorrow If she agrees I am planning to write a Divorce agreement saying that I will provide my support for 1 year if she gets back my son and leave him with me and once she get a job she can take back my son. Otherwise I am looking to apply for divorce and fight for my son in court. If I apply for divorce here my wife will apply domestic violence case in india thats for sure, How can get anticipatory bail for my parents in india? Is it possible? Plese Let me know!