Landlord not settling security deposit amount and charging extra

Hi Sir, I was staying on rent in Raja-rajeshwari nagar, bangalore which I vacated on march 04,2016. I informed the landlord two month in advance (as per the agreement) about my decision to vacate. He came once to meet and gave me 50K rupees cheque and told me that he would come over to check things around when I leave the house then settle the remaining amount. The cheque had spelling overwrite issue so bank did not clear that so he did NEFT for 40k rupees. He never came when I left and asked instead to handover the key to security guy. After lot of follow-ups over phone he sent me list of due amount: 3 month rent : 31500+1400 ( I had not paid rent since I informed about leaving the house for 2 month +one month as rent was paid after a month completes so total 3 month+4 days rent as I stayed extra). paint : 20000 (this was 10k he told me when I checked even it is specified in the agreement) water tap : 4000 (this is a old house and tap was leaking in one bathroom he is charging for new one that even way high) drain cleaning : 1500 (not sure why) maintenance : 1200 (told him I had paid one moth extra which was unpaid when I took over the house hence I am not paying last month) electricity : 550 lock - 500 (one room lock came off) total : 60650/rs I agreed to him on rent due but questioned on all the other charges. I am ready to pay reasonable amount. However, He is not listening at all and stopped picking up my phone. When I talked about money charging for paint he starts that I paid the advance in two installment. 50k when I took over and another 50k one month after which no owner allows. This may be a small amount but matters a lot. Need a way to recover it so please reach me out for any guidance/suggestion. the landlord works in 'bank of HYD' and retiring soon.