Will civil suit verdict affect criminal suit proceedings/verdict

I had supplied goods worth 20 Lakhs to one of my clients on Credit with a post dated cheque drawn in my company name. The cheque was dishonored and we filed a criminal suit subsequently. We also filed a Civil suit attaching his Residential house. However on deeper inquiry it was found that the house was mortgaged and he owes huge sums to the bank. Meanwhile the Civil case we got a ex parte order in favour of us. But i am in a dilemma now 1. Since the bank has first lien and the property proceeds wont even fetch the full payable to the bank should i go ahead and Deposit the Remaining court fees of 10 % 1,80,000 to the court to get an exparte verdict in my hands. 2. My lawyer advises that if we do not go ahead and deposit the reaming amount, the civil suit will be dismissed and will affect the proceedings of criminal case and the accused will be set free based on the civil suit verdict? 3. Please let me know if i should deposit the remaining 10% court fee and if the civil verdict will affect the criminal suit.