Can live with former lover and file divorce petition ?

Hello Sir, Really need some suggestions, I was in a 5 years long relationship with a guy, we both loved each other. We got involved in this because we thought we can be life partners, we assumes that we are married. however unfortunately i married to some another guy whom my parents introduced me 5 or 6 months back, as they wanted me to marry in same caste at any cost. now its almost 2 and half months of my marriage, i came to know this guy is already a divorcee (which my family member knows before my marriege), heavy alcoholic (drinks almost dailly), abuses me daily, have beaten me brutally twice, even her younger sister have slapped me, now i am in my parents house for holi festival have told everything to my parents they are not ready to help me to file a divorce petition, my parents have told me that i have to adjust with him or his insane family, but now i want to unite with my former lover for whole life, i realize that i did big mistake for sake of my family, So my question is can i go and live with my former lover and apply for divorce from the location he is working? because i do'nt have anyone in my life to help me except him. Waiting for suggestions.