Notional Promotion/Seniority from the date of vacancy year

I am Persons with Disabilities (100% Hearing & 81% Ortho), from Tamilnadu, I was worked in Central Govt (Census Operations) Chandigarh from 10.10.2001 to 24.08.2009 and subsequently joined NCERT Delhi (on selection) from 25.08.2009 till date. Both are under Direct Recruitment under Physically Handicapped Quota. The vacancy was occurred prior to 2000 and the recruitment was conducted in two phases in 2002 & 2003. I was offered appointment only in 2009 after a prolonged 5-years delay of legal procedures by some other employees. Delhi High Court also uphold our selection as valid in 2003. Can I Claim Notional Appointment, Notional Promotion, Notional Seniority retrospectively from the date of the PWD Act, 1995 (Persons with Disabilities Act 1995) or from the date of vacancy year or from the date of selection or from the declaration of result or any back date as per any rules/regulations/guidelines/court of law/judgements/orders etc alongwith monetary benefits consequential arrears of pay. Pls guide me. There are so many judgements in favour of my claim and against my claim. I am confused. Please clarify and guide me in details alongwith reference of rules portions/judgements/orders etc. Any/All comments/replies are welcome with lot of thanks. Thank You for reading and for your valuable reply/comments. K.GANESARAMU, SECTION OFFICER, NCERT (DEK), SRI AUROBINDO MARG, NEW DELHI 110016. Mob: 8010071799 / 8510055644 Email: