Married to a kid not a men, what i do?

I have done CA and got married in Dec 2014 and before marrying i sensed that there is some behavioral issue with my husband as he is posted out of Delhi so we had only 2 meetings together before marriage, i said to my parents that i think he is not a mature guy so they said that is it so then how he done MBA (bharti vidyapeeth university), so we got married after that there happened many things which is even made me irritated as he is not behaving like mature person for ex 1. His way of holding spoon, eating habits (open mouth while chewing food) 2. way of cutting cake (made mess of it and his family said cake cut karna bhool gya h) 3. following parents order, telling every talk happened between us 4. continuously telling lie to me (ex he got bad performance letter from his office and shared same with his father, but when i asked he straight away denied that he didn't got any ). and now after 1 year on 28th dec 2015 i came back to my house thinking it might get him shaked and will try to sort it out but still he is not feeling anything wrong on his part now as 3 more months have passed and am still at my parent's house although they said that came back home but as problem is still same am not feeling like goin back there and thinking of ending this relation. can you please suggest what should i do?