A fake complained raised

It is a case related to my relative in which a complaint (may be FIR) lodged against him. Actually the case was lodged intentionally by a house owner on behalf of the painters those were doing painting work in his new build house. They (2 of them) came to my relative homes and asked him to come along with them on their sight but he refused to go as he was sleeping that time but they were continuously insisting him to go with them, finally my anty had allowed him to go with them as they were insisting. But after some time we came to know there was a fight going in between them and any how it was controlled by the neighbours. After few days we came to know that the owner of that house lodged the complaint against my relative who was not even present their and due to his complaint police came to their home to arrest or to scare him but he was not available that time and then again they came today to take him along with them. They had entered in the house and went up to the roof to catch him as he was standing their and he fell down from the roof during the stampede. Now he is hospitalized and as per doctor his leg has to be operated tomorrow. Due to lack of knowledge in our law their family member are helpless in this situation as well there is no male member in the family to handle the situation. Later on they came to know that the house onwer is a government employee and by the help of his sources he was forcing police to catch him and may be our police was following the same but they all now have soft corner and the police is ready to bear the cost of operation which is really strange? Our questions are: 1) does police has right to enter in the house in such cases 2) The house owner lodged a fake assault and the theft complaint, what should we do now? 3) In hospital we have asked doctors to provide us the reports so that we can verify the by consulting other doctors to find out that does it really necessary to be operated but the doctor have refused to share any reports with family since it is a police case. We will seek your urgent help on this issue.