House arrest by parents and threats from my father to legally sue

Sir i am a 22 year girl pursuing msc .Both me and my guy are hindus.last year november my boyfriend came from bangalore to ask my father for my hand in marriage but instead my parents tried to beat him up with goons and some police personal that they knew.we managed to reach the police station and the police did not do much except giving us 'advice' to complete our careers and making dad promise that he ll make us marry.the police also asked him to brng his parents next time. However after he went away my parents put me under house arrest and made fake college ids threatening me to put a false forgery case against my name if i did not disclose my boyfriend's address and phone father has even hired people who claim themselves to cbi officers and threatened to harass me in every possible way. One of my acquiantaces approached the nearest women help centre but they wer not willing to believe t. My father is a doctor and has a gud image in the good society so nobody is willing to believe me. I am being mentally tortured daily. My parents have even defamed me in my own college. For oll these reasons i hardly contact him in fear they might track him down and harm him and his family.What should i do?