Husband's interference in my child's admission

Hello sir I have been staying away from my husband and in-laws for the past 1 month. i put up in dwarka, new delhi with my parents. After an incident of domestic violence which i registered at the area police station which was also witnessed by my child I moved out of the house as i do not feel safe and secure in that house. but the difference b/w the date of incident and my moving out is around 20 days as my parents were out of station. In the mean time after moving out of the house i continued with my son's education for the session ending in march 2016 in his previous school. the distance of the previous school from my present residence is around 20 kms 1 side. Now i have started looking for his education near dwarka so as to save time in travelling and also looking at the safety aspect of mine as well as my child. My son has gotten thru' in some schools but my husband came to know of the same and stopped his admission process in the new school. I want to sort legal advice from you on the situation as he is forcing his custody on my child.Please help.