The Protection Of Husband From Domestic Violence

Dear Sir/Madam, I am based in Dubai from last 3 years, i married in April 2013 in INDIA, we stay toghter for more then 2 years in dubai. but from last 2 years i faced to much problem as she use abusing language , always threat me , hit me what ever she get on her hand, even 3 times she try to kill me, now in next few month she will be back to india as her visa will be expire and i make her understand that after 3 months i will renew it, I want to stop her there in india, as her mother is also involve , all the times she guide my wife with wrong thoughts , just because we married without her knowledge, she inform her daughter to send my income in INDIA on her name. What should i do to stop her in india and file divorce case, with mental harassment and physical harassments also i want to make case against her mother, I have some records as below, 1. I have sing latter from my wife , when she try to attack on me physically when i was in india for vacation, at that time i inform her if you will not accept i will call police, and she made sing. 2. I have recording of call where she threat me to kill my mom, and use some bad words when we are in india, just before 4 month. 3. I have recording where her mother trying to teach her against me , with she mention my father name on wrong way. 4. i have transection slip which i made forcefully to her mother, due to threat from my wife. I am tiered from all things now and from last 4 years i am working here, but i am not able to save single money in my own account. even tiered from harassment, guide me step by step to take action.