We dont have anything

My father was dead, we have a home and in that there are 3 families means my grand father and his 2 brother, they all dead. We are living like one family.. Our home is selled in last 3-4 yrs and the property is distributed in three parts, both other families get thier money go away and all the sister signature has taken. Now my grand mother and his 3 sons My father was dead, my younger uncle is also dead, Now the uncle is living do nothing, no job nothing, and he is saying that the property which is distributed is his.. And he just want to enjoy his life, he's not helping me, my brother and my mother, he mentally torchering us, That property he bought one flat in place on his name, and we are living in mumbai on heavy deposite, and now he is saying we have to go out of mumbai, but we are not satisfied bcoz my college my brothers job my moms job in mumbai, There after he is saying u up- down daily and get money from ur job and get money and help him in home charges But he noy helping us, We are saying that give me our distribution of my grand fathers bcoz my father is dead, and do whatever u want But he is not giving that also So can we complaint on police station or do anything Bcoz he is shameless? Is thier any law bcoz my mother brother and me are surviving and we had nothing.. Sorry for my english