How to get divorce in India without anyone knowing?

I want to get divorce in India. My marriage was court marriage in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh along with Arya Samaj Mandir certificate. The date is 26th December 2015 for Arya Samaj and 28th December 2015 for Court marriage. I am from Kerala and he is from Uttar Pradesh. I married a man from a village who had no education at all in the hope that I can change him and with hundreds of promises from him. I am an MBA, 23 years old and currently working as zonal manager in HDFC Bank. His family everyone knows but no one from my family knows about the marriage as I thought I would tell them when I make this man eligible for showing to them. But I now realise that it all has been a mistake. Neither would he change and neither would he become a man I want. My widowed mother would die if she comes to know this. So now I want a divorce. But all this should happen without anyone from my family knowing. And no notice being sent to my address. Is it possible? Also since it has not been long since the marriage, how long should I wait for the divorce or the application. Also what is the procedure and the legal implications. I read somewhere that the couples should be living separately for one year. If that is the case I agree to that also. Please advice me regarding all the proceedings.