Completed 5 months of marriage. What should I do?

I got married on Nov 2015 in Kolkata. Both our families stay at Kolkata but my husband works in Bangalore. At the time of marriage, I clearly mentioned that I will not take furniture from home, other than jewellery. My husband said he does not want anything other than me. I had to leave my job and moved with him on December. From December onwards, his family demanded for furniture and called my family every day and pressurized them due to this. My family then made a bank transfer and we had bought furniture in Bangalore which costed around 60,000. After that, my family thought it would be over and called his family at Kolkata home to improve situation. But it got worse as they said they do not want to keep any contact unless they get another set of furniture worth 3,00,000. I tried to talk to my husband about this but now he said that he wants the same. His family has insulted and pressurized my family to extremes due to this. My in-laws even suggested me that however way they can behave with my family, I don't need to know this. The jewellery they gifted is in my locker in Kolkata and the jewellery my family gifted to him is with my in-laws. I have completed 5 months of marriage. I want a divorce as the differences are irreconcilable and they are a very greedy family and this relationship has no future. Since, I cannot file a divorce before 1 year, how to go about this now? Also, please help whether I should go for mutual divorce or file dowry case against them?