420 case

My brother was running a IT comapany in mohali from past 1 year and now he ran away. let me describe the case in breif:- he started the company in feb 2015 and closed (ran away) on 29 feb 2016. He had an 1 year contract with the building owner. he had paid 2 months security money to the owner. the contract was for 1 year i.e till Jan 2016. He paid his rent till dec 2015. He didn't pay the rent for last two months. he made a mistake to not inform the owner before 2 months of closing the business. the reason behind this mistake was sudden clash of his business. He was facing loss from last two months and it leads to the sudden closure of the company on 29 feb 2015. The twist in the situation is that he had no money in his pocket while closing the company. He had paid all the salaries till jan 2016 but salaries for the month of feb was remaining. Now, the building has filed a case against him for not paying the rent. The reason he filed the case was he suddenly closed the business without any notice. The employees have not taken any steps yet. Note: There was only 5 employees in his company. His company was registered as proprietorship. Salary amount pending to those 5 employees is Rs.60000