Misuse of 498A

Dear Sir/Madam, Iam a victim of false 498A case filed by my wife and her family. She is been heavily influenced by her mother and lacks thinking of her own. Her parents have an eye on my property and ill advise her not to take care of my parents. Me and my aged parents against whom the FIR is filed have manged to get anticipatory bail. I have gone through the rough patch and mental torture of my life but was lucky enough to not to be arrested by police. The police also knew that there was no crime committed by me or my family against. There has been no response from my wife who filed the case for more than 6 months now. We have filed a case against her and her family for hitting my parents, conspiring and influencing her to act against me and my family. Iam married for about 5 years now and have a child. I have not been allowed to see my child for last 6 months now. Her family is taking advantage of her by enjoying with her income and staying with her in my house and we don't live together from last 7 months. The police is pressuring us either to with draw our case or move to the court. They are not bothered to speak to her even once. Kindly advise how to proceed.