Traveled on fake passport

Dear respected advocate's im an indian citizen. As many other millions of people who travel to gulf in search of food i too went to saudi arabia in the year 2011. And my first sponsor (kafeel) was a very cruel man he took me to the desert and left me their to look after his camels. He never paid me salary for years i use too eat 2-3 roti's a week and keep praying to god to help me. However it continued for years and in early 2014 i managed to change my sponsorship from my first sponsor to the new sponsor and my new sponsor (kafeel) was a big harami . I joined his trading establishment as a salesman but he was using me as labor house driver material driver and he was giving me multiple tasks everyday as if i'm a machine or a robot he never showed mercy on me. He use to call me for cleaning his house he use to call me to take hi mother out for shopping even in night time around 1am 2am 3am he used to call me for one or the other thing. The main thing is he was a gay and he need sexual favors from me which i never did he use to call me to his house late nights and ask me to do body massage if i refuse to do then he use to tell me that i'll put you (huroob) escape with money. So wen't to indian embassy to file complaint but they did not taken any action and some agents outside the embassy were demanding money to help me. Then i went to maktab amal (labor court saudi arabia ) after my complaint to embassy aswell as labor court four months has been passed no actions were taken from the both. Then i happened to met an indian guy who gave me advice to travel on fake passport and he said he works for the immigration officer at riyadh airport and he asked me to pay 4000 saudi riyal. As there was no other hope for me i said yes to him and i came to india on fake passport. Many people are asking me to make new passport with different name and different address but i don't want to repeat the same mistake again by cheating. I'm not a business tycoon i dont have any political connections i have no one to support me. I belong to a poor family in which my parents are heart and sugar patient i have 2 divorcee sisters with their kids.Now i want to know from respected lawyers that what if i surrender to district court will i be treated as a terrorist ? can i get my new passport ? How many years i have to be in jail ? Please give me the best advised. And also i request the lawyers that their many indian citizens in saudi and whole gulf who are in big problems with their sponsor who haven't visited india for years also do some needful to get them back to their mother land safely.