How to reregister Land from Mother in Law

Kindly advise me in regards to below quires I am NRI and I recently purchased land about 25 cents (Udupi District Karnataka State). I am unable to attend during registration and landlord require to finish registration urgently due to that we made this land registration under my mother in law name( she having 2 child, 1 daughter( my wife) and1 son and Husband) 1. How to re-register this land under my name with appropriate legal way? 2. Will it require signature of all family member of my mother in law (Husband/Son/Daughter) in this registration process. 3. How it works if we make transfer by the ways of “Gifted”, if it is by gifted, will be it be any legal issue later? Will it be 100% rights on my name? 4. Currently we are planned to build house there and land conversion to make home is also done on her name, is it need to note during re register? 5. How much cost & time will take to finish all this process? Kindly assist me with full & clear information on my above quires. Thanks in advance for all your support Thanks