Lost Seniority by 62 points – How to recover?

Appointed as SSO in ESI Corporation (under the Min of Labour, Govt. Of India) in the year 2009. No merit list was ever published. On 21.05.2015, a provisional Seniority list was published positioning me at Sl No 203. Objections if any were invited from all concerned within 30 days. A lot of objections were submitted. The final seniority list was published on 15.03.2016, where I found myself positioned at Sl No 265, lowered by a solid 62 points. Needless to mention it will adversely affect my career in all respect. I have examined both the lists thorughly, and observed that those who filed objections have largely been benefited leaving those who had no objection in the provisional list to suffer. It is amazing to observe that one of my colleague from WB Region with alomost all parameters equal has been placed above me at sl no 251 in the final list from sl 581 in the provisional list. There are exmples of people downgraded even upto 457 points within the lists leaving serious doubt on the accuracy of the final list. After all there must be some logic behind preparation of the provisonal list. Pleae guide on how to file objections and correct the seniority list.