Do I need put my personal income in Joint property share

We are in progress of deviding my family where as my father have 2 sons and 2 daughthers. I am the younger brother working in IT and my brother is taking care of my shop at my native place with my father. My father is not in a position to handle the shop so he just sit at shop. We have a property from my grand fathers 3 small shop cum home and open plot 40*60 feet. Grand parents gold, my brother puchased some gold for his marriage from joint property cash, I have puchased more gold than my brother for my marriage on my own income. 3 Years back I have purchased a home in hyderabad worth of 40 lakhs and registered on my name , for this i took some amount (6 lakh) from my father and some amount from sisters and friends(cleared sisters and friend debts). I also took loan on this property for 28 lakhs tenure of 15 years. EMI on loan is still in progress. Now my brother is demanding as the home in hyderbad falls under joint property and seeking share on it because we have not yet devided till today. is that true or it that self acquired property. Before i purchase home in hyderabad i only have cleared all my family debts (debts are taken by my father to serve my family as we were in bad situation) and renovate the my home(ancestors property) to make it use of family stay purpous for this i spent 15 lakhs. My brother is enjoying the property in one home and my father , mother is staying in one home. I am staying far from my family from 15 years for doing my profession(IT Job). One home is using by my brother for shop and other two homes given for rent for shop. Rent is also collecting my father for their feed and their medicines. My brother is not showing any income from shop and he is saying that he spent all the money for family and his hospital expenditure. He is saying that i am the reason for sisters marriages and getting job for me because my father is used to take rents and adjust for our needs on need base. Ex: My father has given 6 lakh amount for puchasing my home. Though I have cleared debts worth 15 lakhs prior to take that amount. My father has given some amount in lakhs to my brother for their hospital expenditure as my sister- in- law do not have child sofar and the rents are being used to clear debts in shop. I am not being known/informed much on this. My father has given some amount to my younger sister as part of their kids name ceremony and other small functions. I had same situation for gold also, my brother is demanding to club all of us gold (grand fathers, my brothers and mine). is that correct. I can say in simple what my brother is doing: He is maintaining shop and being used the income for his needs but he express that no income from shop infront of public. I am the financial support for my family on need base , so my brother used to help get family needs. Let say as an example my father need some medicine or he want to go hospital. My brother used to take him hospital and i used to give that financial support for big amount as i could not stay with them. 1. Do i need club my home in Joint family and give the share to my brother? 2. What is the suggestion for women rights in ancestors property infact they are demanding 20 lakhs net cash otherwise they reach out court proceeding for their share.My father gave dowry for their marriages. 3. Do we need to club all of us gold and share equally or can we go for partitioning the grand parents gold only. (i have puchased more gold than my brother with my own income from my profession , so he is demanding share and i am going losse a lot ) 4. My brother is almost all fighting on me with local people support and encouraging him to do quarrel. What action that i could take it up to get my share. 5. My parents are behaving as neutral by looking at brother worst behaviour. My brother is getting lot of support from local people and making the judgement from villagers according to his convenient . So my parents also not able control him as he has 60 years of age and sufferring from suger,bp and deaf(hearing problem due to age factor).My mother sufferring from paralysis. What is the best approach that i can take it up to resolve my problem. Local people says that you have a good job , so you should ignore ancestors property and leave it to your brother as no good income in business. I thought to settle these problem without making more hassle and not to reach court but i am helpless as i have less support. Please suggest me the best approach to deal this problem.