Thank you so much for assuring me to guide/help The matter is not at all complicated. Everything is clear & authorised papers are complete. Me( Pankaj Vohra) Mr Brother( 1 year Elder) Father ( Age 71) Mother ( Age 68) Bhabhi ( 1978 Birth) 2 Nephews, going to School ## Property Of South Extension was purchased in 1962 & was registered in name of my Late Grandfather. Ground Floor has been recently mututated in my Father's Name. ## Property of Sushant Lok, Gurgaon, Registered thru proper Sale Deed with Stamp of 17K with HUDA in 3 Names...My brother, Me & Mother. 3 Combined Owners. This Plot is Constructed with Basement + 3 Floors. Size is 300 sq. Yd What is my Lawful & Rightful Claim for the above mentioned property ? How can I get my Property Share back in Terms of Covered Area of Property of my Share ? What is the Procedure to Follow & get my Legal Share ? What is the minimum Legal Fees/approx Charges involved ? Awaiting Reply Thank you very much Regards Pankaj Vohra