False DV Case against me and my family

I am Canadian citizen. I got married in May 2015 with an Indian girl in India. To arrange her visa I stayed in India for almost 3 months at my fathers flat along with my mother. In July 2015 we found that my wife is pregnant. Then in late Aug 2015 I, my wife and my mother came to Canada. Note: My whole family lives in Canada. In mid October when my wife was 5 months pregnant said that she want to go back to her parental home for delivery. I didnt want to send her but had no option as she stopped eating food and started creating tensions between all family members. I changed her itinerary from Feb 2016 (6 months visa) to Oct 2015. Ever since she went back she started demanding money on one pretext or another and was finding ways to have a verbal arguments of various pity issues. And finally she filed a false DV case against me and my whole family members. She has also filed a Civil case claiming that she want to stay at my fathers flat in India by saying that is her matrimonial home. Also she break in my fathers flat and lived their for approx. 15 days. I have no share in my fathers property or any other property in India or overseas. I'm not working anymore as I couldn't coop up with the stress and conspiracy my wife and her family hatched against me and my family. Considering my circumstances would I be required to pay my wife any maintenance on monthly basis herself and a child? Also she is a highly qualified professional (Dentist by qualifications). Please advise.