Non Judicial service agreement after travel onsite

I was went to the onsite for 28 days with the non judicial service agreement of 1 year and if not serve for 1 year need to pay 300,000.00 INR. The purpose was to transit the business to offshore location for which company covered return air ticket and provide money for accommodation and food. I served my services to the onsite for 9-10 hours daily and transit the process to offshore. In offshore I also download the knowledge and business is live and company is earning the money also I worked for extra hours every month and got paid overtime for extra hours. Due to family medical issues and dependency I have to resign from my services and I am ready to serve 3 months notice period. Now after service notice period my bond period is still short with 1 month as I am serving to the company for 11 months but not able to continue due to above issue with my services. My handover is completed and no dependency on the deliverables from my side. What will be the impact if this settlement goes to the legal court?