Regarding property

Hello, We are 3 sisters and 1 brother with my mom.Both the 2 sisters and brother are married.My father expired in Jan 2016, Since then my brother is torturing us. Dad has given 1 property to my brother individually which is on his wife's name. We have one more property but its an old construction and not suitable area so we want sell it as currently me and my mom are staying in rented flat. He is asking the half share in this property also. Where as he already have 2bhk flat and 1 car given by dad to him. we can not think of going and staying with him in his flat as he and his wife also her wife's mother has been behaved very cruel with us earlier. We are feeling helpless now. After my father ,my mother should be the owner of the property this is our will and all the sisters agrees on this. but brother is not giving the signature for making my mother the owner. His wife and wife's mother tortures my mother by calling her and he also supports them.Also my father had faced the same torture from brother even after giving 1 property. now how we can get justice here. His wife is is very cruel and misbehaved with me ,my mom and my father many times and brother had always supported her. Is there any law which can safeguard my mothers rights?she is really in panic stage she has lost the support from my dad and now its becoming really difficult . Please help on urgent basis.