Difference in Birth date certificate and school leaving certifica

My spouse has got passport, travel document and permanent residency of Australia based on birth date mentioned in school leaving certificate. Now, I am going to apply for citizenship of Australia. As per required document I need to submit full birth certificate, or your country's equivalent. When I contacted Panchayat for issuing birth certifcate, they said that date mentioned in their record is different than School leaving certificate and Panchayat has denied to change birth date in birth certificate as per School leaving. I have declined to take birth certificate due to change of date. Panchayat has not issued Birth certificate to any family member of my spouse in past and in their record name is written as Baby with parent name instead of spouse name My question is a) Can I consider my school leaving certificate / Indian Passport as an official equivalent document for Birth certificate? My wife has received Passport based on school leaving certificate. b) If answer a is no How can I get birth certificate as per the date of school leaving as all documents , passport and permanent residency is as per school leaving certificate birth date. Kindly advice asap. Regards, S Pathak