Inlaws & wife threatning & treating bad & abusive & horrible with

My In laws & wife are threatening me & my family. They are treating bad & abusive & horrible with mother. My father keeps listening to them to patch us both so they are taking advantage of whole situation. they expect me to give her a lavish life. Then if i don't meet up to the expectations they were rude & bad. as long as i keep accepting whatever they say, im good orelse they will keep abusing & treating bad. She doesnt want me to come close & every time for anything says NO. They were abusive & she asked me why i got married when i cannot take care of her, i was like the relationship is made by both of us & not alone. I told her that when my parents are giving me money when i am out of money then why don't your family help us when we are out of money. She is telling why i got married when i cannot take care of her & her life demands? She bought two old vessels from her uncles home to my home, just to show me bad behavior. i bought them computer & they told they will give me money. They took computer but were not ready to give money. I asked my wife when will they give money as i saved it for my courses, she never answered. They always make it feel like dowry issue or property issue to threaten me & my parents. They were treating horribly after marriage. One day she was like lets get condoms after 3 days of marriage, i told in laws & they were like be broad minded. I told that day we didn't even discuss about family or children how can she just say about condoms? We were riding and she told lets get condoms & Her uncle asked me isn't my daughter satisfying you? I was shocked. They want me to leave my family , my brother. They keep lying & playing games. Her mother tried to hit me & abuse me just because i told her daughter not to keep going to her uncles home. she has never stayed with my parents. She will be sleeping & mother will cook & give food to her yet she has problem. One day when she had decided to stay with s for 10 days at in-laws place, here mom finger got cut & bone was visible, my wife immideatly left home the same day. I called her uncle & he is tilling me to take it positive & that he will protect his family. She hates my mother & abuses her & fights with her. she is recording things & using them against me & my family. She provocates me to fight to extreme. She doesn't listen to me. We have to beg her to come & stay with my parents. Her family comes they shout every time & make it look like money issue or dowry issue & threaten us. i will be like silent because my parents want me to be silent. But, how long will all this happen? This time they came home & they are telling that its all my fault. they are not even telling their daughter to change & she is telling i wont change. She is lying to my face. She is abusive. She is treating me badly & hurts me. I am feeling helpless, i sometimes feel like ending my life. I am not like them. She records things & uses them against me. I never even knew all this was happening until they came to my home & were threatening me. How much will i also tolerate all this? they don't accept anything. They only come to blame. I cannot tell her that we have to be close, take care of my parents, nor can i tell i am finished with money, nor can i tell to cook, nor can i ask her why she is not staying with in-laws, nor can i ask why she doesn't treat me properly, nor can i ask her to take care of my mother & be nice to her. What a life i have? they are making it living hell. Even though i am not at fault, just because my parents are decent, she keeps threatening us. She provocates people & manipulates things, she has been lying ever since marriage & creating problems between me & my family. Her family supports all this.