Sir/Madam I have a problem in relationship.I just joined an IT corporate .My girlfriend keeps forcing me to elope with her .I know it's a stupid decision coz I just started my career working and thinking practical it's not possible to lead a life separately with the salary I'm getting .I've told her this you will have to wait till I get settled in life but it doesn't even make sense to her,all she keeps telling again and again is somebody from outside could come seeking alliance for her .She's also got suiciding tendency and keeps telling I'll do something to end my life .She' s showing a psychotic behaviour .I'm from a Hindu community and she's from a Muslim community .Though a stupid decision even if we are going to elope away I must be in a situation to support life is it not .If I ask her to think practical she keeps saying "I don't need you ,get lost".I'm the only child for parents I got to think about my parents future as well there will be no one to take care of them if I'm eloping away .Don't know what to decide .please someone help me out