Wife is ready to continue matrimonial life with me

Dear Sir Myself Rajeev from Bangalore got married in the year 2011.from 2012 to 2013 June i was staying in a rented house in Bangalore is the only daughter to her parents and one son,he was working in Bangalore but due to better opportunities he went to UK with is wife and children,then my mother in law and father in law requested me and convinced me to let us go back to Mysore and stay in same rented house,and they told to search job in Mysore i thought they are the seniors may be they are well wisher to me.basically my wife is from Mysore all there relatives staying at Mysore at last we all came to Mysore stayed in the rented house along with my 4 year daughter also.from 2013 July to till march 5 2016.i was staying with them.but i was getting continuously torture ,harassment,mental pressure from my mother in law,all time she was quarreling with me,even my wife also all the time listening to my mother in law words.my father in law was also the same case.because of this heavy pressure once i had tried suicide attempt in the year 2012 in Bangalore by taking sleeping tablets.now on march 2016 my father in law and mother in law and my wife had quarreled with me on my daughter school admission related matter and they told to get out of the house.my father came and asked my wife to stay with me separately,i have already took a rented house and from 20 days i am staying separately.i and my father requested to my wife to come and continue wedlock life along with my daughter.but now she is telling i dont want husband and she is not interested in me to stay with me.and she is demanding many thing before divorce.i want my family back but she is not ready and i am middle class family person,i am working in a small pvt company.i have to take care of my old aged father and mother who are also the sugar and BP patients.sir now you please suggest me what should be my next step,and i am not in a situation to give any compensation and my wife is a teacher in pvt school.please guide me its my humble request and show me the way to live life.thank you sir