To save my parents from sister in law's conspirecy

Hallo sir/madam, I need a help for my parents urgently. My younger brother (23 years old) got married on last 29th January 2016. He did a love marriage with a girl (24 years old) who has started doing ill treat with my parents, and demanding for money, gold jewelries etc. to my brother since their relationship has started. Before their marriage my brother used to torture my parents each and every day for money to pleased that girl and also for making them (my parents) agree to make their marriage. Finally my parents became helpless and agreed for the marriage. From the 2nd day of their marriage the girl has started doing ill treat with my mother and also started demanding for costly things to my brother as usual. And now she has started blaming to my mother that she (my mother) has stolen her (my sister in law's) gold necklace and saying many useless words against my family, and trying to make police case against my parents. Though they (my brother and his wife) are staying another place (where my brother doing his job now) from my parents place. In this situation my parents became totally helpless and feeling afraid. I am also staying away from my parents place, with my in-laws, so it is impossible for me to go my parents place and save them. In this situation what should I do now to save my parents please suggest me. I want to mention that my father is a heart patient, so he is not able to take this types of shock. Please help me to protect my parents, I am feeling helpless because if she ( my brother's wife) really make any false police case, law will go with the girl normally without any evidence, and may make my parents harass.