Need Advice: 2nd Police verification filed adverse

I had applied for passport in Oct 2015, Police verification was adverse as policeman was not satisfied with my proofs claiming i stayed more than 1 year on my current address. I had shown my salary account passbook (HDFC Bank, account opening date as september 2013) having my current address as Address proof. Since I had issued the passbook on june 2015, hence policeman got the impression that my stay was from june 15, and it did not completed 1 year, so he filed adverse report. I did not had any other proof at that time and policeman was asking for more. I got SCN in december, 2015, i replied to it, saying since passport website says to have any 1 proof among the list prescribed, i had done so, but policeman demanded more than 1 proof, which i had not arranged for at that time. My reply was received by Passport authority in january, 2016 and status was updated as satisfactory. Nothing happened till March 2015. last week i visited regional passport office to know the status, they asked me to give a written application, saying to re initiate the police verification. The very next day policeman updated the status as adverse without visiting my address. On several request he came to my home to explain why he had filed adverse report without visiting my address. He said that the papers he has received quote my stay period on my current address from july 2013 to oct 2015. He said it should be july 2013 to till date. He also said this is not your fault, its a mistake from passport office. However I am confused what i should do now. Please advise