Inconvenience from neighbor

I live in Bangalore. Since our house is on a dead end side, we always have the nuisance of someone parking in front of house/gate. Somebody claimed that the road in front belonged to their family and was settled out of court after three years of dragging case in the court of law. After which we spent money to relay the road in front of our house. The opposite neighbor has shifted out and is vacant now. The new issue is the right side (who had blocked the road and had made this a dead end even before we bought this built house), is constructing two more floors and causing lot of nuisance by dumping the construction materials in front of our house and gate, blocking our movement often. Further the road has become so untidy due to the construction activities and the labors littering on the road. We used to clean and maintain that part of the road for almost 10 years since we occupied this house. We have had enough quarrels with him on this issue and he claims that road is common and he has full right to do this. Where should we complain about this now?