What can I do stopgetting harrase by my x wife?

Hello I got married on 21 July 2011 as per Muslim Religion, But my wife was very hyper and very scandalized woman she had done all possible ways to harass me After 3 & half years of marriage I decided to break the marriage. In these years I tried all means to keep the marriage going but she was not showing any response and continued her misbehavior. After many thoughts I finally went police station for help against her hyper behavior. Police had asked me to wait for her action.If she want to file case against me or leaves unconditionally. She left on that day 06 Dec 2014 with her sister & never came back. on Which I sent her divorce letter by mail giving her talaaq. In response to which she came back to police ( March 2014) asking for action against me as per IPC 498A. police again asked me to speak with her on which I took a stand that I already sent a notice and now she is not my wife. She has no right to blame me for divorce. To which Police agreed to my stand and asked her to go to court. Since then she is not in contact neither comeback. Now (today) after almost 1 year & 4 months she had applied in local Mahila Suraksha Commitee asking for action against me. Please advice how can I handle this solution.