Related to Refund Money

Sir i registered myself in Time jobs with my resume. After 4 to 5 days they call me back and said that they searched a job for me in kotak mahindra bank shimla branch.Then they said you have to pay registration fee which is 1600.I do the same and deposits money in their account. After that they demands money many times for many reasons which is as under... 5400 - profile verification 10,200 - confirmation letter 15,400 - to open a corporate account in bank 21,400 - job assurance security 20,000- courier security i paid all the above mentioned amounts. after that they said you need to do health insurance and they demanded 22,350 rupees for this. i was unable to pay such a big amount and demands more time for this. after one month ago i find unable myself to arrange this amount. And said them to refund my money and i dont want to do this job. Now they are saying it will take 45 days to refund money. Another option they tell is that i need to deposit 18,000 rupees in my account after that the money will be refunded .i want legal advise to take appropriate legal action against time jobs and kotak bank.